Simon Bailey visits to talk on the importance of foreign language in work

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News - Feb 2

We were delighted to welcome Mr Simon Bailey, Director of Equijust, an independently owned firm of specialist adjusters, for a fascinating talk about the importance of foreign languages in the world of work.

Simon has over 20 years’ experience investigating financial crime; bank robberies, cyber-attacks and fraud all around the world, but particularly South America and the Caribbean. Teachers and students found his stories of notable cases fascinating. Simon travels all around the world and uses his language skills to communicate with his clients and colleagues based in offices worldwide. He writes presentations and reports in Spanish and stresses that good writing skills are key in the job that he does. On the requirement for good speaking skills, he adds: “Language is about communication. If people can understand what you mean, then you are winning! They will be grateful and impressed.”

It is so inspiring to see where you can go thanks to languages.  Simon stresses the fact that, when you are going to apply for jobs, “you can make yourself stand out if you can speak one or two other languages in addition to the English you already speak.”

Finally, Simon highlights the fact that access to the global job market is easier when you speak English and another language. He explains that “there are people from all over the world working in different places. If a job requires (or it is just a bonus) that you speak another language, then you are competing against people from other countries who can speak another language (plus English). You must give yourself a chance to go for these great jobs….and give yourself a chance to go for more types of jobs. You might get the chance to travel, live or work abroad!”

To conclude, students at Colyton Grammar School were so fortunate to be able to meet Simon Bailey, a person with such expertise and authority. His talk was impactful, and Simon’ s experiences are a great example of the benefits of learning languages. After this talk, students may see language learning in a new light.  

Mrs S Armour