Year 8 students visit Bovington Tank Museum

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News - Feb 2

Recently, Year 8 students took a trip to Bovington Tank Museum to enhance their understanding of the First World War and other conflicts. The Museum houses 300 military machines which represent the key battles of major conflicts since the First World War with exhibitions that celebrate the invention of the tank from the Somme to Iraq.  

Students were able to hear stories from soldiers who had been on the front line, explore the military machinery and get a taste of what it was like then for those who experienced it.  

Here’s what some of the students had to say about the visit.

Javi H-F 8B: "I had lots of fun at the tank museum, I got to learn a lot more from the First World War than what I already knew, I had a wonderful experience with my friends and got to miss a whole school day doing something very fun. It was brilliant!" 

Oscar O 8B: “I think that the trip to the tank museum was inspiring, and it was so cool to see the working conditions people in the First World War had to endure, especially inside the tanks!” 

Rex T 8B: “The tank trip was amazing! We had so much fun there and all the tanks were really interesting. I learnt so much about the First and Second World Wars. It was great to be able to go inside a real tank and feel what it would be like in the First World War.” 

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